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24th December 2007


28th September 2007

ilanabelladonna11:20am: challenge post

30th September 2007


3rd November 2007

loveme_jessy8:55pm: Where We Draw Inspiration..
Here's a few sets I did that are inspired from pictures/photos, animals, textures, shows etc..

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19th October 2007

loveme_jessy11:23pm: Just Random Stuff
From Moscow to LA...

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3rd October 2007

loveme_jessy4:13pm: All In One
I know it's rare, but sometimes we go shopping for necessities and don't really feel like going into every store to find something to match those bright royal blue skinny jeans we bought the day before. So, why not do it all in one shop? Save time, effort, money and still look totally glam :)

OH BTW! Are there any stores you love that I miss out? I'll do them in another post just tell me what they are in your comments!!

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2nd October 2007

loveme_jessy9:26am: Challenge Winner!
Hello everyone! Our first challenge winner is ilanabelladonna ! Here was the entry:

She came under budget by $30! The prize for this challenge is access to post the next challenge in the next 3 weeks! Anything you like :)

Thank you for entering there were some great entries! Some were disqualified as they went over budget... (for the next one please make sure all the items you use are still in stock!)

xx loveme_jessy

27th September 2007

loveme_jessy10:57pm: Challenge #1
Here's the first challenge....


You use these pictures as inspiration for your outfit recreation. The budget is $150 (if you go over you''ll be disqualified!) and you need to include atleast 5 items!! Use Polyvore (www.polyvore.com) or Photoshop or ShopStyle (www.shopstyle.com) to create outfit!

Goodluck :) Entries due in by next Monday 1st October **
I will moderate your posts :) as per usual so "Post to this community"

26th September 2007

loveme_jessy7:00pm: Time To Shake Things Up!
Hey guys! Ok so instead of droppin this community like it's hot, I've decided Im going to take up so members on their ideas which means:

1. more people WILL get involved
2. more people will have fun with this INTERACTIVE community
3. you will get fun prizes (which I really havent thought up just yet lol .. suggestions what would you like?)

So other than posting our favourite outfit creations and recreations, we will be having challenges! Yaaay! There will be different challenges every few weeks of so, but the first one is "Budget Bargains" = I will give you a budget and a list of items in which to include in your outfit and you will submit them and I will judge which wins! Then you will recieve your prize (?) haha ok sound fun?

Rightio here is my latest outfit extravaganza! The next post of mine will be "budget based" so all ( as coreycoreycorey ) puts it) "cheap shit" aka stuff for the less slurgey population. Hope you like this (they're a bit quirky!) click em to see where they come from!

The Little French Girly

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25th September 2007

driver_five5:42pm: Hi, this is my first post here, so uh, lets get started!

I could really use some advise on what to wear with these corduroys, it seems like everything I wear with them feels wrong. So what do you think would go good with these?

The pants are by Cult Blue and are in a kind of faded maroon color.

Any kind of help is much appericated!

24th September 2007

mawnikuh11:09pm: i went a little crazy.
first post!

8 outfits!Collapse )
loveme_jessy9:57pm: Fun Fun Fun!!!

Last post ever if i dont get comments i will shut this comm down sorry!

23rd September 2007

ilanabelladonna3:35am: Just one, my first Polyvore.

19th September 2007

loveme_jessy3:56pm: Another Post...

The earrings were the inspiration. I love them. Peacocks are beautiful.
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14th September 2007

loveme_jessy10:55pm: Members.. POST! and comment...
Hello all! Thanks for joining up.. lets get this community running.. get posting!

Here are a few outfits! Hope you like.. I should be studying right now :S

MK recently wore something similar to this on the Conan O'Brian show and looked lovely.. I like the electric blue purse and red sunnies which vamp up the black n white ensemble :)
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10th September 2007

loveme_jessy4:45pm: First Official Post
Hey guys! I'm really happy that
is getting some members! I would really really appreciate it if you could promote the community a bit wherever you can. Here is a banner you can use..

Anyway onto the first outfit post. These are random ones but some are inspired by the Spring 2007 Chloe line and some are Olsen inspired. Hope you like! Oh and can't wait to see your posts!

Ciao bellas! xx
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9th September 2007

Hello! You may recognize me from other communties like [info]trendfamous,[info]setatrend, [info]carmelchew and[info]fashionreport

I decided to make this new community for people to post outfits from any source like PS, Polyvore etc. It is an open membership community with open access that will be moderated by me. You can post any trends you like, re-create oufits from the runway, celebrities or models and/or take requests from community members.

I really hope that people join cause I am hoping this will be supported!

So join and start posting!
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