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Time To Shake Things Up!

Hey guys! Ok so instead of droppin this community like it's hot, I've decided Im going to take up so members on their ideas which means:

1. more people WILL get involved
2. more people will have fun with this INTERACTIVE community
3. you will get fun prizes (which I really havent thought up just yet lol .. suggestions what would you like?)

So other than posting our favourite outfit creations and recreations, we will be having challenges! Yaaay! There will be different challenges every few weeks of so, but the first one is "Budget Bargains" = I will give you a budget and a list of items in which to include in your outfit and you will submit them and I will judge which wins! Then you will recieve your prize (?) haha ok sound fun?

Rightio here is my latest outfit extravaganza! The next post of mine will be "budget based" so all ( as coreycoreycorey ) puts it) "cheap shit" aka stuff for the less slurgey population. Hope you like this (they're a bit quirky!) click em to see where they come from!

The Little French Girly

The Hotter Friend

The Modern Hippie

The Hero

The Country Club Princess

The Little Red Riding Hood Wannabe

The Talk Show Sweetie

The Indie Gypsy

The Dinner Party Host

I will post the challenge soon! Hope you all participate and have fun with it! Oh and do you like these outfits? Even if some of them are realistically day-to-day casual? LOL xxxxx loveme_jessy

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