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Members.. POST! and comment...

Hello all! Thanks for joining up.. lets get this community running.. get posting!

Here are a few outfits! Hope you like.. I should be studying right now :S

MK recently wore something similar to this on the Conan O'Brian show and looked lovely.. I like the electric blue purse and red sunnies which vamp up the black n white ensemble :)

Hmm this ones a bit boring yes? I dunno it seemed like a good idea at the time :P

Kooky and a little crazy.. I can kinda see this in a British street editorial .. *shrugs*

Lets go see a fashion show! But steal the spotlight ;)

Hmm I just realized how much Im into white right now! LOL and brown? And gold?

One of my favs! How narly is the ring? Yayness

"Willy Wonka Chic" - would make a man jealous.. ;) oh and yes that is a bulldog cane! hahaha too funny

Hmm a little bland but super comfy and street smart.. I wore this to an ortho appointment LOL

"It's a me! MARIO!"

I love priceless tees like this.. fun :)

Ok that wraps it up! Um PLEASE start posting or atleast commenting! LOL I'll take requests too so leave me a style, name, or picture of someones style you would like to see recreated okies?

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